The Pavilion of Praise Christian Church
2021 Leadership Team

Chairperson of Ministerial Alliance

Mother Frances K. Colter

Adjutant To The Overseer

Minister Kelvin Williams

Adjutant To The First Lady

Evangelist Tiffany Carr-Edwards

Adjutant To The Mother's Board

Missionary Lisa Johnson

Lead Church Mother

Mother Frances Colter

Assistant Lead Church Mother

Mother Sherry L. White

Director of Music & Fine Arts Ministry

Evangelist Tiffany Carr-Edwards

Ministry Business Administrator

Sister Lynell Brown


Minister Kelvin Williams

YOUTH MINISTRY (Asst Youth Pastor)

Evangelist Kyra Thornton

Director of the Board of Ushers

Mother Scharlene Moore

Director of Women's Ministry

Prophetess RoShann R. Colter

Asst Director of Women's Ministry

Mother Frances K. Colter

Director of Men's Ministry

Overseer Quentin E. Colter Sr.

Director of Outreach &
Community Relations

Evangelist Desiree Horner

Director of Liturgical Ministry

Sister Essynce C. Williams

Director of Prayer &
Evangelism Ministry

Evangelist Patricia Nnaji

Asst Director of Prayer &
Evangelism Ministry

Minister Eugene White